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First let me say that I’m getting slowly sick of films where guns, explosions, car chases and the good old brawl of good_VS_evil plus other miscellaneous pizazz – steal the show.


Why most films about writers are not actually about writing

If you google ‘films about writers’ the query usually brings a few dozen titles, claiming they will satisfy your wish to look into the writers mind. Well, they don’t always not do that, but mostly yes, no, they don’t.

Most films about writers (although they may be dedicated to prominent persons of the field) tell very little about the actual act of writing as a thinking process. They are mostly still drama flicks about writers’ personal lives or public careers, having little to no focus on the craft itself. I’m talking here even about such promiment films like ‘Capote’, ‘The Hours’, even ‘Barton Fink’, along many others. Yes, there is a premise that some of the characters are writers. But everything in that film happens around writing, not in the act itself.

Here on this page I try to collect other titles of films that DO focus on writing. The ones that don’t try to hide writing process behind the pompous or romantic main plot. I know, those kind of movies appeal mostly to people who are fans of reading or writing themselves. In these films you can actually see how writing is done, how different scribing folk wrangle ideas onto the page, how they search for inspiration and fight through writers blocks.

Writers Anonymous


‘Authors Anonymous’ is a rare film that truly does show you what writing as an occupation is (mostly) all about. It is a genuine, albeit a little playful glimpse into the writer’s mind-mix, the creative process, the struggles, confidence pains and the writers block, the business side of publishing – all the while being a light-hearted comedy.

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Purple Violets ___________

Almost as vivid a film about writers as the previous, this one set in recent modern New York with authentic glimpses into everyday lives of New Yorkers, and it’s a nice little pastiche of different pastimes of some four young people whose careers and private lives intertwined around writing and publishing world.

Listen Up, Phillip ____________

Young Adult _______________________


Пролог до горор-трилогії “Омнітотем”

government raysВ двері Олени Гаподрилівни Дуршляченко подзвонили. Вони з подругою Світланою  Циклоподівною Упізняк якраз сиділи в одній з кімнат спорожнілої комунальної квартири на другому поверсі великого старого будинку, який от-от мали знести, і грали у нарди, попиваючи солоденький чай із соломкою.
Почувши дзвінок у двері, обидві дами звели одна на одну здивовані очі, що визирали з-під розпатланих, але все ще привабливих зачісок.
– Знову шукають офіс, якого нема. – сказала Олена Гаподрилівна, і підвелася, щоб відіслати подалі чергових помилкових відвідувачів. Світлана Циклоподівна залишилась сидіти в завішеній старезними гардинами кімнаті. Чимчикуючи довжелезним коридором, заставленим різноманітним крамом та усіляким непотрібом, що його з різних причин колишні мешканці, полишаючи оселю, не взяли з собою, Олена Гаподрилівна почала заздалегідь голосно повідомляти:
– Тут квартира! А офіси – ідіть через вулицю, туди переїхали!
Підійшовши до дверей, вона  все ж таки запитала, напровсяк, конкретніше:
– Хто там є?
– Пожежна інспекція! – відповів чоловічий голос.
Олена Гаподрилівна глянула убік; в кінці коридору з кімнати зацікавлено визирала її подруга.

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Місцевий лютеранський священник полюбляє скнарити свою благовірну.

(Даний текст є перекладом з оригіналу на сайті The Onion.)

ImageПастор Боб Сноудон з Лютеранської Церкви Всемогутнього Христа, що розташована в місті Нашуя, є людиною глибоких релігійних та моральних переконань. Він черпає велику радість у різних завданнях, що їх покладає на нього спільнота – читання літургії, причастя, виконання таїнства купелі. Але нічим він не ласує так, як своїм найулюбленішим заняттям понад усі інші заняття: їбсти Емілі Сноудон, свою законну дружину протягом 19 років. Читати далі

Laird Barron’s PARALLAX – an analysis

So, the protagonist was a successful sculptor\painter, who struck rich and famous after some Templar Order commissioned an ‘Achilles’ statue from him (which he later vandalized, out of spite? repentance?). There was a circle of them, a certain Kern person who did most artistic work and lost his good looks after being seriously maimed in a bar brawl. Miranda, also an artist who had a strange preoccupation with dead things, making sculptures out of them.

Someone had been leaving a trail of people gone missing, and the story is interspersed with that mystery man’s confessions of the vile deeds, forward in 2013, when he is an inmate in a closed institution. Is he the very same Kern character? But Carson, our protagonist, seems to half-consciously associate himself with those vile deeds. Carson poses for Kern’s artistry, but must also carry the guilt for his shadowy deeds?

There was obviously some dabbling in arcane magics, we have numerous hints on that. Then there’s the Glitter Moon, the Cloud Room that Miranda and Carson dance to, when they get married.

The whole disappearance thing seems to be a retribution for (unsuccessfully?) dabbling with the occult. Was the art that the group created so occult that it had to be backed with some sacrificial practices, and that is exactly ‘the works’ that Kern was ‘sweating’?

Carson dies in a hospital, having been in a car accident, after losing his mind to delirium where the false identity (Kern) was catching up with him. Kern lives to tell the tale.

This novella is about splitting of responsibility and identity. The responsibilities were split in order to create a dark art, but eventually the people got split as well, as a manner of retribution. The Parallax, as a black hole which you pass and emerge at the other end, changed in the way you perceive things.